Starter Pack 6.0 (18 Items)

Starter Pack 6.0 (18 Items)

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Starter Pack 6.0 Includes 18 Items: 

Caliber .44 Magnum Clipper 

Caliber .22 Stinger Trimmer

Andis Shaver (color may Vary)

Premium Guards (included with the clipper) 

Neck Duster 

Fade Brush 

Shear set (regular and thinning) 

Straight Razor 

Full Size Razor pack 

All purpose comb 

Speed o flat top Comb

Shear Pouch (Free) 

barber shave gel 

Aftershave (may vary)

Talcum Powder (may vary)

Clipper Spray (may vary)

Neck Strips 

Barber cape