Level 3 Large Finger Brush

Level 3 Large Finger Brush

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L3VEL3™ Large Finger Brush

Streamline the little tasks like a boss with this ingenious knuckle brush.

In the barber shop, it’s surprising where loose hair can wind up. Hair gets stuck to your client’s face, neck, hands, that part of his scalp you’re trying to do detail work on – literally, everywhere. Traditional dusting brushes are effective at sweeping away loose hair, but they’re so… handsy. When you’re focused on a fade, you don’t have time to keep setting down and picking up your brush. So use your smarts and slip on this knuckle fade brush. It fits neatly over your fingers, ensuring you always have a brush to hand.  

Key Features

  • Loop handle fits over your fingers for convenience and ease of use
  • Soft bristles of 100% nylon remove loose hair without scratching the skin
  • Specially designed to streamline hair removal during fades and detail work
  • Luxe design of polished ebony wood with a rubberized finish for grip
  • Can also be used as a beard brush or to dust hair off clipper heads

Why It’s a Game-Changer

When creating fades and complex hair patterns, you need to work efficiently and with precision. So use our finger brush for hair that’s getting in the way of your work. It’s designed to streamline and optimize your service, with a handle that loops over your knuckles for instant access. The firm yet gentle bristles effortlessly sweep away any loose hairs stuck to your client’s scalp, so you can see exactly what you’re doing.

Slip on this barber finger brush and you’ll immediately break up with your other dusting brushes. It’s the most convenient way to work; a time-saving, hassle-free method of sweeping hair that won’t trash your focus during complex cuts. Simply keep this brush cupped in one hand and cut or style your client’s hair with the other hand. It’s such an ingenious method, folks will be convinced you’re living in 2030.

So our barber ring brush is easy to use, but is it effective? The bristles, made of 100% nylon, are firm for impressive sweeping action but are also gentle on skin. The bristles won’t scratch your client’s head, face, or neck and they’re soft enough for cleaning your clippers too. You can even use this brush for sprucing up beard hair (and removing crumbs).

Quality is just as important as convenience, and our finger brush is truly superior. It combines dark ebony wood with a rubberized finish for style and exceptional grip. The loop handle allows you to hang up your brush at the end of the day for tidier storage. This brush is an inspired design, created with convenience and more efficient service in mind.

Dimensions: 2.25” W x 3.5” L (including handle)

How to Use

  • Slip the loop handle over your fingers and cup it in your palm
  • The bristles should be facing outward, over your knuckles
  • Simply swish away loose hair as you work or when you’re done cutting